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Aargee Steel Inc


MS Channels MS Hollow Sections
MS Bars MS Pipe & G.I Pipe(HR/CR)
MS Bea/Joist TMT/TOR Bars
MS Flt Sctions Tata RHS/SHS

Superior Testing

Aargee manufactures mild steel products as MS hollow sections, MS flat sections, MS pipes, GI pipes, MS beams, MS joist, MS bars and steel products in many forms as steel rods, pipes , plates , tubes and we are also dealers of TATA TMT bars & rods. All of the Steel products are subjected to rigorous testing at every stage. Hence all of our steel products are of highest Quality and are endorsed by the Bureau of Indian Standards.

Our sophisticated quality and R&D labs are equipped with the latest testing machines and instruments to test for various parameters such as Proof Strength, Ultimate Tensile Strength, Elongation Bend Test and ReBend Test.

Metallurgical testing includes testing for Carbon, Sulphur and phosphorous levels. We also conduct checks and testing of input raw materials and scrap to ensure quality of the end product. In order to have ensure quality and authenticity of the steel products we deliver products with Aargee mark embossed.

Aargee DTD bars – Quality that’s next to indestructible

Value Added Products from Aargee Steel

Aargee Steel offers a range of value added products that include a wide variety of Structural steel products such as angles, flats, squares, rounds etc. We can also produce and supply structurals that are made to custom sizes and specifications.