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Aargee Steel Inc

Why Aargee

Out of many Steel merchants dealers suppliers in bangalore why one should select Aargeesteel? We grant customized steel products, rust resistant steel,steel products for industrial and construction work , structural steel products bangalore. The range of steel products that we approach are all of top quality. We are having a steel manufacturing plant in bangalore , so we are able to take huge orders and we give warehousing facility along with transportation to provide more ease in doing business. We give online calculation of steel weight facility and 24 hours chat facility to solve all problems of our clients instantly, these are enough reason to select as preffered steel dealers and merchants in Bangalore.. Our constructional and industrial steel products have proven record in resisting loss of strength at high temperatures as experienced during fires. Owing to good ductility of steel bars, the bars are also earthquake resistant and hence perfectly suitable for various seismic zones.

Our TMT are produced with carbon less than 0.25% and are suitable for all the main welding processes withourt any special precautions.

We also subject our constructional and industrial steel bars to pass through certain bend and rebend tests as per Indian standards .

Our experienced engineers and technical staff use only the best quality of steel in manufacturing all types of steel products that we offer. Having high tensile strength, these bars can easily withstand temperature conditions. These bars can be customized on terms of size, grade, tolerance and length.The steel products that we distribute find their usage in manufacturing fasteners, window grills, shafts and other .
We have that best of the talents in the industry working for us, who not only understands the intricacies of steel making but also the demands of the Indian Market.Hence we are able to deliver best steel works every time to our clients.

  •     Corrosion resistant Steel
  •     Better fatigue strength
  •     100% weldability
  •     Built in high creep resistance through cold working
  •     Lesser crack width due to high bend
  •     20% higher factor of safety due to hyper resistance to plastic flow
  •     We have been acclaimed as one of finest group to have mastered the art of Hi-Tech Technology in India.
  •     Our Chemical laboratory has been equipped with the state of the art gadgets to ensure that only the finest of raw material moves in and the finished goods churned out meet with the world's best standardization norms.